Decorative Lime Plaster

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Dedicated to the historic preservation of our built environment.

Preservation Works Ltd.

  1. Services

  2. Preservation Works Ltd. is a decorative plastering contractor primarily serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

  3. We provide skilled artisans, detail oriented plasters with a love for the craft.

  4. We are happy to consider extensive decorative plaster projects throughout the United States.

  5. Contact us for a site visit or discuss your decorative plaster project.

  6. Finishes

  7. We develop custom decorative plasters for clients who appreciate the timeless qualities of lime plaster finishes. 

  8. Sample boards are supplied to the for approval in every project.

  9. Colors

  10. Lime plaster mix can come in almost any color and can be matched to a clients specific color palette.

  11. Approval of color and finish sample boards is part of every project.

  12. We can provide a trained colorist and artist for color consultation upon request.

  13. Benefits

  14. Lime plaster reflects light onto itself to create luminosity that is not possible with paint or other materials 100% natural materials using mineral pigments.

  15. Our lime plasters are totally vapor permeable.

  16. Our plasters are anti-microbial because of their high alkalinity.

  17. Highly durable and generally repairable. We apply decorative plaster to last.

Lime Plaster comes in many forms and has many names including plaster, stucco, parging.  These decorative wall finishes can be used indoors or outdoors and consists primarily of lime, aggregate and depending on the application, a pigment.

We are committed to excellence and your  satisfaction.  It is our belief that a working relationship between us and our client is what ultimately determines the success of any project.  The blend of our professional skills, creative talents and personal inputs in line with the client's ideas and budget make for successful projects.

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See our gallery before & after Blue & Yellow Lime Plaster 
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Plaster installation with my wife and daughter

After Lime Plaster Installation

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Preservation Works Ltd.

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Preservation Works is a green company.

We are located in Easton, PA.