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Dedicated to the historic preservation of our built environment.

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Preservation Works Ltd.

Preservation Works Ltd.

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Preservation Works is a green company.

We are located in Easton, PA.

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Preservation Works Ltd. specializes in the preservation and restoration of historic masonry buildings. Sustaining our architectural heritage is of the utmost importance to us, using our knowledge of traditional masonry construction to repair  older buildings, we are insuring that the buildings we work on are restored accurately and beautifully for durability and longevity.

Likewise, we extend this commitment to doing things the traditional (old world) way to our contemporary construction interests including decorative lime and clay plasters, plaster repair, interior and exterior lime stucco, mineral and lime paints, stains and lime washes. These materials have low embodied energy (energy used in manufacturing, transportation and eventual disposal) to create beautiful and unique decorative finishes which are natural, timeless, durable, repairable and nontoxic to all of us.

historic philadelphia mortar repointing
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